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The Brides of Eden are setting up a series of silent auctions in businesses around Portland, offering cool sports, celebrity and poker memorabilia. The auctions are self-serve where a customer can fill out a bid sheet for a piece of memorabilia they want. We will collect the bid, notify the winners, and ship the items a few weeks later. Our profits go to help us buy, build and gift Eden-based greenhouse dome/gardens to the food banks.

As soon as we get our venues set up in the next week or two, we will let you know via social media which businesses you can visit to bid on our fun memorabilia items. In the meantime, we are also working to take our message and our gardens to Reality TV to open the flow for greening our food banks. We will resume our crowdfunding campaign as soon as our crowdfunding director recovers from her recent heart surgery.

We are busy and focused and poised for a year full of blessings. Thanks to everyone for their loving support!

Man, I am sick of getting spammed with one pointless story after another about Teresa Guidice doing her country club time at Danbury Prison for defrauding the government, banks, friends, television audiences and God knows who else. I am working to get that kind of exposure for women that get 50 year sentences for killing someone that battered them for 20 years and left them no way out except fatal self-defense.

The Brides of Eden want to help bring some dignity back to Reality TV by telling these real-life stories of domestic violence and tragedy and make money to help our food banks get sustainable. When I fled my home with a baby we didn’t end up in a mansion like Teresa’s kids or live on caviar and champagne as she did throughout her trial and conviction process. She got to stay home for the holidays instead of reporting to prison after her sentence. Apparently you get upper class privileges even if you steal your way into the world of the elite.

Here is the overview of what our show will bring to Reality TV. Perhaps we could get a little attention or do I need to go rob a bank?

Orange is the New Black meets Say Yes to the Dress!

A Reality TV Show that aims to educate and entertain, as well as forward social evolution

Voices Set Free, the nonprofit that hosts the Brides of Eden works with the most severe cases of domestic violence – women who had to fatally fight their way out of an abusive relationship or die and then landed in prison as if they were common criminals. Their children get a life-sentence.

We know that the vast majority of the statistics that include nutritionally starved children also represent households steeped in violence or adults and children that have been driven to the streets by abuse. We aim to tackle both those issues – families that need programs to rebuild their lives and food banks that should be offering nutritious foods instead of sugar and bread.

Our tag line is an apt description of what our show will look like. Each week we will be hosting a private Wedding Dress-Up Party for a domestic violence survivor who has survived prison and is working to rebuild herself and her family.

She will unfold the horrific details of her story on camera as our make-up artists and hairstylist work to offer her a transformative new look. Then she will have the thrill of a lifetime as she plays in our closet of couture, off-the-hook wedding gowns – we have hand-painted ones, ones that light up, gowns that glow in the dark, and even one that floats.

Enter our professional photographer, Mike Lindberg and our Flashtag Photo booth. A gaggle of Brides of Eden will join in for a fun, social media driven photo shoot that will plaster our photos all over social media and provide our special guests with a whole album of glossy photos to cherish this special day forever.

Our viewers get a real life – Criminal Minds-esque storyline, an education and a peek at the every changing collection of one-of-a-kind gowns made by Brides of Eden creator Denise Martin, who also has an amazing story of fleeing to the streets with a baby to escape domestic violence.

All this will be filmed at the 5 acre Brides of Eden plantation we have picked out in Tualatin, Oregon where two giant Eden dome/gardens will be growing SuPRANAtural foods and heirloom seeds for our community and the local food banks. The cameras will also visit the domes each episode to help educate our audiences about the healing powers of these special foods.

Not only are we confident in the entertainment and educational value of our show, we have a gazillion dollars in backend sales to hook to it to ensure our financial success and our philanthropic dreams.

The only way we can lose is to not air the show!

Sadly, the Brides of Eden have had to cancel our upcoming Dress Up For Hunger Fundraisers for lack of funds. Yes it costs money – lots of it sometimes – to throw a fundraiser. We are selling off a bit of our cool couture inventory to absorb the loss. So if you need an off-the-hook wedding gown or bridal accessory – contact us at

The good news is that we are returning to our original focus which is to launch our own Reality TV show. To describe our shows format we say – Orange is the New Black meets Say Yes to the Dress. Our domestic violence survivors will be sharing their heart-wrenching stories as we play Dress Up and boost our self-esteem with amazing couture gowns. The gorgeous gowns will help make the overwhelm and horror of these real-life stories more palatable. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

15.8 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.

The Brides of Eden are working to address that gruesome statistic by providing greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks where these desperate families turn for help! Our domes will allow them to grow and distribute life-giving Eden-based foods to those children and families needing nutritious foods. You can support us by attending one of our parties, by making a donation, or joining our crowdfunding program. Just liking our social media pages or forwarding an email can serve us greatly. Thank you!
So much great news. We are ready to rock the new year. We have six Dress-up Party Fundraisers happening in the next 60 days. Grab your tickets now before they are gone!
We had a killer photo shoot recently at Pioneer Place Shopping Center and the Portland Louis Vuitton store. Our photographer Mike Lindberg is a dream maker. He will be capturing the precious moments at our Dress-Up parties. And God Bless the management at Pioneer Place for making it snow for us!

We are preparing to hit up the Louis Vuitton Corporation for a sizable sponsorship. Hold the vision for us. We are also trolling for local sponsors starting today.

Brides of Eden dome for LV
This is just a mock-up of what we hope to do with Louis Vuitton. We have NO relationship with the company as yet.
​If that isn’t fun enough – we have a glow-in-the-dark gown.
It floats too.
You’ll have to come to a party to see that!
The Brides of Eden are also raising funds through a very unique, community-driven, Pay-It-Forward  crowdfunding program, where each project works to help fund the others. Check it out and jump in. Your cause is important too.
OK – It’s time to grab your tickets for our January Dress-up Party Fundraisers. There are four party times to choose from and four donation levels to consider. Whether you can only afford a $5 love offering or you can easily do a $1000 love offering, you will be treated to a day of playing Princess that you will never forget. Or snag a ticket for a friend that needs an empowerment day! Just Do It!

The Brides of Eden are closing out our memorabilia sale at Encore Poker Club in Portland, Oregon this Friday night

(535 NW 16th ave – Portland, OR 97203 * 503 206-8856)

Seahawks fan


All proceeds go to support the Brides of Eden programs for the food banks and for domestic violence survivors. We will also we bringing our signature gown so that folks can support our cause by donating a few dollars to sign the gown which will be touring the country with domestic violence survivors on a speaking tour this spring. So come win a tournament and support our cause. See you there Friday night!

Our January parties are changing to accommodate guests of all income levels. The tickets will be $250 a veil (Head) to participate. And there will be tickets to be won and tickets for special needs groups will be gifted.

Beautiful Brides

If your group would like to attend and needs financial assistance with the tickets please contact Denise Martin at There are no words to express what a day of playing dress-up in wedding gowns can do for the spirit. You just have to experience it.

Our high dollar couture parties have been moved to February. Ticket info coming next week.

OK – for all you serious Texas Hold’em players, here’s your chance to gamble, win a boatload of money and support a sweet charitable organization. The Brides of Eden are having a silent auction Friday 12/5/2014 at Encore Poker Room at 535 NW 16th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209 (503) 206-8856.

While you are in the room playing a delightful, serious No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament…

$15,000 Guaranteed
$60 buy-in
15,000 Chips
One Rebuy
$30 Add-on
10,000 Chips

…you will have the opportunity to bid on gorgeous sports, poker and celebrity memorabilia to support the Brides of Eden in our quest to gift Greenhouse Dome/Gardens to the food banks and bankroll programs for families recovering from domestic violence.

Our vow is to create Eden and nonviolent unions.



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