In a nutshell:

Tuesday August 25th 2015 at 11:30 am join us on one of two Max trains opening in Pioneer Square at 12:16 during a Noon Tunes concert.. You’ll be wearing a wedding gown, tuxedo, white dress or dark suit and dance off the train doing a choreographed dance that we will teach through Youtube and provide the sea of wedding gowns and tuxedos that will host our professional performers. Be part of our viral video and help keep Portland Weird!

Cash needed too. Donate here

The details:

The Brides of Eden are back! And we are planning a unique event to rejuvenate our fund-raising efforts. We are “Married” to the garden – specifically the Garden of Eden, meaning a garden grown out of love, in concert with nature, for physical and spiritual nourishment, in the way that God intended our food and medicine to grow.

The Brides of Eden is a nonprofit program that endeavors to provide Eden-based foods and gardens to the food banks so that they may offer fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods to the 15.8 million children and their families in this country who live in a household where they do not get enough nutrient-rich foods to sustain a healthy life.


literally raised into disease and obesity, because their food supply is dead!

BridesofEden  FRONT

In order to get the world’s attention (and $$$) for our cause we are planning an epic event that we believe will take us viral with our mission of greening the food banks. We are hosting a WEDDING GOWN FLASH MOB at Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon on August 25th 2015 during the Noon Tunes concert sponsored by the City of Portland in Pioneer Square. Here are the delightful details so far:

We are asking everyone to participate by showing up at the designated Max stations (The Beverton TC and Gateway TC) by 11:30 am Tuesday August 25th and riding to Pioneer Square on Tuesday August 25th 2015 on two different trains both arriving at 12:16 from opposite sides of town. Flash-mobbers are asked to wear a wedding gown, tuxedo, white dress or dark suit to the event. When the trains open our brides (and grooms) of Eden will come rushing into the square forming a spiral dancing the “Electric Slide around the band stand, while the band, SkyBound Blue plays our theme song Breaking Bad Habits, Planting New Seeds by local song writer Mark Olmstead.

Our flash mob will then make a giant rush to the middle of the square. When we back out of the middle our professional dance troupe, performers and celebrities will remain in the middle of the square and do their unique performance while we spiral around them. Our flash dance will  then crescendo in the middle again with a rose pedal toss (Each participant will get a detailed instruction flyer and some rose pedals on the Max train en-route to Pioneer Square).

After our 5-10 minute flash mob we can stay and enjoy the rest of the concert anddash to the Photo Tag Booth to pick up your pictures before heading over to the after party with free food and drinks at Frack Burger on Barbur Boulevard, generously provided by Frack Burger owner, James Frackowiak. YouTube will do the rest when our super cool flash mob video hits the airways.

Each participant will be extremely valuable to the Brides of Eden as we will be collecting corporate and personal pledges for each wedding-clad, flash-mobber that shows up. Frack Burger was also the first to step up and offer a pledge of $20 per wedding-clad flash-mobber. They are challenging other Portland businesses to meet or exceed their pledge. If we reach our target goal of 200 folks their generous pledge will be worth $4000 to our cause. Thank you Frack Burger!!!

So you get to be part of a really cool event, we raise money and get our message out there in a big way. It’s a win win and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something epic. Here is one of the famous flash mob videos we hope to surpass with ours.

Volunteers are needed. If you would like to help organize or promote this event with the Brides of Eden please contact Denise at 503 741-5985 or

The details will continue to unfold here and on our Facebook page and BridesofEden. com (as soon as we can retrieve the admin pass code – don’t you hate that! LOL)

For now please put August 25th on your calendar, dust off your gown or tux and plan to be part of Portland history in an incredibly fun way!

Brides For A Cause (A nonprofit group) is offering discount wedding gowns to flash-mobbers ($20-$50). Just tell them you are shopping for the flash mob event. They are located at:
4942 NE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97211
(503) 282-4000

Men’s Warehouse Portland store is also offering discount deals for flash-mobbers. Tell them you are renting a tux for the flash-mob and you will get a special price. Find them at:
851 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 274-0610

See you there!

Sadly, the Brides of Eden have had to cancel our upcoming Dress Up For Hunger Fundraisers for lack of funds. Yes it costs money – lots of it sometimes – to throw a fundraiser. We are selling off a bit of our cool couture inventory to absorb the loss. So if you need an off-the-hook wedding gown or bridal accessory – contact us at

The good news is that we are returning to our original focus which is to launch our own Reality TV show. To describe our shows format we say – Orange is the New Black meets Say Yes to the Dress. Our domestic violence survivors will be sharing their heart-wrenching stories as we play Dress Up and boost our self-esteem with amazing couture gowns. The gorgeous gowns will help make the overwhelm and horror of these real-life stories more palatable. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

15.8 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.

The Brides of Eden are working to address that gruesome statistic by providing greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks where these desperate families turn for help! Our domes will allow them to grow and distribute life-giving Eden-based foods to those children and families needing nutritious foods. You can support us by attending one of our parties, by making a donation, or joining our crowdfunding program. Just liking our social media pages or forwarding an email can serve us greatly. Thank you!
So much great news. We are ready to rock the new year. We have six Dress-up Party Fundraisers happening in the next 60 days. Grab your tickets now before they are gone!
We had a killer photo shoot recently at Pioneer Place Shopping Center and the Portland Louis Vuitton store. Our photographer Mike Lindberg is a dream maker. He will be capturing the precious moments at our Dress-Up parties. And God Bless the management at Pioneer Place for making it snow for us!

We are preparing to hit up the Louis Vuitton Corporation for a sizable sponsorship. Hold the vision for us. We are also trolling for local sponsors starting today.

Brides of Eden dome for LV
This is just a mock-up of what we hope to do with Louis Vuitton. We have NO relationship with the company as yet.
​If that isn’t fun enough – we have a glow-in-the-dark gown.
It floats too.
You’ll have to come to a party to see that!
The Brides of Eden are also raising funds through a very unique, community-driven, Pay-It-Forward  crowdfunding program, where each project works to help fund the others. Check it out and jump in. Your cause is important too.
OK – It’s time to grab your tickets for our January Dress-up Party Fundraisers. There are four party times to choose from and four donation levels to consider. Whether you can only afford a $5 love offering or you can easily do a $1000 love offering, you will be treated to a day of playing Princess that you will never forget. Or snag a ticket for a friend that needs an empowerment day! Just Do It!

I was blessed to attend the Couture Wedding Gown Show at Portland Fashion Week in Pioneer Square on Wednesday. What an incredible event – beautifully run and chalk full of great artistic clothing, incredible music, beautiful people and smart marketing. What fun I had uploading photos to social media as the Phototag booth pumped them out ,and beautiful, smiling professionals sprinted them to my chair.


Unlike our fated wedding dress flash dance event I was totally welcome at Pioneer Square and the crowd loved our signature gown. A top couture designer asked for photos with the dress, several gorgeous models said yes to joining us, a make-up artist from the Aveda Institute and more. We have found a home in the fashion industry. Three different designers that evening spoke of their love of nature and gardening and honoring the Earth with their garments. The Brides of Eden and our beautiful gardens fit right in.

Saturday, October 4th I will be wearing the gown at the Convention Center for the Bridal Expo, seeking donations for signatures. The Brides of Eden are moving and need to raise more money for the food bank we are gifting our first dome to. They need soil and seeds and blocks and tools. We need a home, more inventory and supplies and marketing dollars.IMG_20140929_151246_080

On a personal note… My skin cancer is almost gone. The giant bump is gone and the rest of my face is nearly symptom free. I will post another cancer vlog later today. Thanks for everyone’s loving support. The Garden of Eden is restoring my health.

Alternating my time between my cancer journey and documenting it and my journey as a Stand Up comic to get national attention for my cause. Kind of a nice balance. I am doing great with my natural healing journey with my skin cancer. I will have a fresh vlog up later today. Thanks for everyone’s support!!! Here is my audition tape for Last Comic Standing. Please take a peek.


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