In my new life as a strolling minstrel I meet people of all economic levels all day and night on the streets. As I chat it up and share the statistics about domestic violence, the wealthy are shock and horrified, and the poor say, “Oh yeah, I believe that.” None of us can afford to be blind or in denial about this issue. Our future leaders are being battered and programed into violent living.

Let’s at least keep sharing the information and opening more minds.




You can’t be pro-life and not speak out about this!

Even a single dollar makes a big difference! Thanks so much!



I finally snagged a celebrity to play my domestic violence song with me. Meet Jimmy Be Free. I am privileged to know him. Jimmy is one of three people in the world who plays the 7 string violin and he is going to perform TIME To Go with me to help take the Exposing The Naked Truth About Domestic Violence Campaign/movement to the next level. We will be filming and recording it ASAP. What a privilege for me to play my harp with this man! Check out his stuff.

Jimmy is amazing AND I need more singers!


Crowdfunding campaign

1 in 2 women will be battered in their lifetime.

Domestic violence is at pandemic levels on our planet. The fallout from 2 milleniums of family violence is breaking our health and mental health care systems.

We assemble an army to go to war against monsters overseas while we let them freely live in our communities and battered our loved ones and neighbors.

Cropped poster


Exposing the Naked Truth about…

                                                             Domestic Violence

Viral attention, funds and a conversation is what we need. So I wrote, performed and got naked for a public service announcement about domestic violence that should spark quite a discussion.

Time To Go!

Imagine a naked, battered and bruised women sitting at a harp consoling herself by playing When You Wish Upon A Star.

Unbeknownst to her she is surrounded by a choir of neighbors, family and friends quietly singing these lyrics to the song she is playing.

When You Wish Upon A StarTIME TO GO

If your mate becomes your foe

You must grab your kids and go

Nothing good will come of staying

Your life’s at risk!


If your lover bullies you

Makes no difference what you do

Anything can set him off and

You could die!


Like a bolt out of the blue

The truth becomes so clear to you

Pack a bag and call a hotline

Spoken: The National Domestic Violence Hotline # is

1 800 799-7233

Time To Go!

If you can contribute to help get this important message to television,

Donate here:

You can join me

The PSA has been filmed. Now I need to hire editors, pay off my studio debts, build a marketing package and distribute it far and wide to media outlets.

I also need to get the equipment and expenses I need to travel as a spokesperson for the cause and speak and perform live at conferences and public events where we can gain more support.

This is not a nonprofit effort. I personally have been bleeding from every orifice for a dozen years to keep domestic violence awareness going forward. I am down to the naked bottom of my personal finances and want to see this important message make it to television. Can you contribute?

OK folks. Here it is. The crowdfunding for EXPOSING THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

1 in 2 women will be battered in their lifetime in a committed relationship. We have to put this problem center stage! Please help. I need donations and social media attention. If you don’t have dollars to share please hit that like button and post and email this campaign. You matter and you are needed.


Our thanks to SNAP Independent Features and Sam Morris for donating the studio!!!


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