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Now with the new Lohan Law where you can pick your own rehab no matter what the judge says, the Celebrity Sugar Detox Center is ripe for BRAVO.


Have something they want I was told. I do…

Drawing for the cure

I have visions of an art piece of Gigi Hadid next. I will split what I bring in for my art with individuals and organizations working with alternative healing modalities.

An invitation to Yolanda Foster …

This is the last time I will fall in love

I made this simple pendant for Yolanda to keep her beloved next to her heart throughout her wellness journey. Wellness is about focusing on love, healthy consumption, time in nature and loving ourselves. Love You Yo and David!

Video diary series for Yolanda Foster about alternative health.

Video shout to Yolanda Foster. So pleased that we will see her next season! She is a pearl in the sea of Reality TV star sewage. We love you Yolanda!

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