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When I fled the domestic violence with a baby in my arms I was a heath food fanatic and a nursing mom. I turned to Voices Set Free for help to find housing and the food banks for sustenance. There was no “Health” foods available to me 11 years ago and it hasn’t changed enough.

The food banks are full of well-meaning people doing all they can do. The Brides of Eden want to gift them with beautiful farm fresh foods. All we need is funding – we have the farms and the need isn’t going away.

Voices Set Free just got two new laws passed in Oregon impacting domestic violence. The first law ensures that every child grades 7-12 will be educated in domestic violence prevention. The second law provides a new assessment program for teh police answering domestic violence calls.

Everything we do requires money and bodies and we are short on both. Thanks to all the people who took the time to stop and hear about our mission! And thanks again to the Embers for all their support.

When the photos come in I will tell about the beautiful event we did have – the children – the big white dog – the wedding gowns and tuxedos and the performers that moved Heaven and Earth to serve the cause. Thank you everyone who showed up.

In life, in business, and in forwarding change – SHOWING UP IS EVERYTHING!



This comment was in response to the Hollywood Life story about Ke$ha’s courageous fight against her “Eating Disorder.”

I don’t see how she will be successful beating her “Eating Disorder” when she obviously can’t even say the words and the press is tongue tied. As the author Of Eating My Way to Heaven, a survivor of 16 years of bulimia and the co-founder of the first Sugar Detox Center in the country – I have a right to an opinion.

She is either anorexic or bulimic or obese – the big three eating disorders enslaving our population. We know she isn’t obese. We weren’t horrified with headlines of her wasting away. So my guess is she is suffering from bulimia. What I discovered (I dappled in anorexia during my years of bulimia) is that anorexia is all about being in control and bulimia is about being totally out of control.
If she’s not in an organic, whole-foods, nutrient-dense, do your emotional work without the comfort food environment then she will fail, or just shift to another drug or dysfunction. There are $1000 a day eating disorder clinics trying to force-feed patients candy bars to get them over their issues with food. BULL SHIT!

The whole population is suffering from an eating disorder and the majority of those are participating in the pandemic of food-assisted suicide. The first step to beating any addiction is admitting you have one. Nobody can talk about this one because it is too close to EVERYBODY’S home.

It is time to Get Real about our cultural eating disorder. That is why I am passionate about bringing Celebrity Sugar Detox to Hollywood. I want to share what I learn on my ascension out of bulimia with everybody! Here’s to a Happy, Health 2014. May you Eat to Live and Live in Love and Abundance! 

Nobel Laureate Otto Heinrich Warburg gave us the cure for cancer on a silver platter.


I had a 100% chance of dying from my toxic lifestyle, so I CUT OUT refined sugars, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, anti-biotics, food additives, cigarettes, alcohol, anger, resentment and self-loathing. I got well, came out of menopause and the grave, had a profound spiritual experience and birthed my first child at age 47.

For the medical profession cancer means big bucks for tests, labs, surgeries, drugs and other miscellaneous treatments. In the alternative healing world cancer means we flunked the test – we have not managed our emotional baggage and/or our lifestyle in the way we were intended to. We are what we eat and what we believe. We have cured cancer with lifestyle adjustments and trauma counseling, then we can prevent it with the same tools.

I feel like I am in the dark ages now that a brilliant, powerful and worldly woman announce that she cut out body parts to avoid a chance of getting cancer. There are no words or obscenities that would adequately express my horror. Really Angelina?

Who made up these “numbers” that supposedly define her life or death? Who terrorized Angelina into believing that cutting out an organ would prevent dis-ease from creeping into her life? Why didn’t they talk to the millions of people like myself who have saved themselves from the grave and the medical profession by taking responsibility for her health; getting back to nature and what our creator set up for us to thrive on here?


Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.

                                                                   —Otto H. Warburg


So what are we doing? How did we become a nation of drug and surgery addicts who are obese, addicted, mentally unstable and violent? When are we going to Man-up and take responsibility for our cultural addictions and bad habits? I am trying to bring some of this simple, life-saving natural medicine to Reality TV and I am swimming up stream against a Tsunami. We are addicted to bitch-slapping, naked-Tweeting, wine soaked rich chics and/or obese, tattooed, gun-totting hillbillies but we don’t seem to want to hear that we are the cause of our diabetes, cancer, MS, schizophrenia, AIDS, you name it.

Come on people! Eat better and facing our emotional baggage makes more sense then cutting out body parts. God didn’t make an extra parts (Foreskins) or an flawed  genes. We are the disease and we are the cure!


An invitation to Yolanda Foster …


My message for the world, based on saving my own life is – we are totally responsible for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our physical lives are a reflection of our inner life. I have been hammering The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster that her Lyme’s disease is a reflection of her personal fears not an act of God or a random act of nature. She thanked me lovingly on Twitter for sharing the information.


So yesterday when I threw a rib out lifting something heavy and could barely breath or stand, I knew it was my stuff not just an unfortunate accident. In my high-stress circle you have to be “Disabled” in some way to get a day off. I knew that was the subconscious reason I attracted the injury. So I set out to address it so I could make a video today (For my Love You Yo – tip of the day video series) telling Yolanda how I healed this serious injury in a day with nothing but my mind.


I had a business meeting yesterday on the other side of Portland and spent considerable time and expense to get there. My ride dropped me off and my associate didn’t show. So I was stranded. Long story. In my effort to find mass transit back home I ended up on the same block, at the exact moment that a man dove off a bridge into Johnson Creek trying to kill himself. While I was crossing the bridge my inner voice said, “Look over the bridge.” Apparently, while I was bent over the bridge the man was behind me on the other side and dove off. A man driving by saw him dive and by the time I rose up from looking over the bridge on the other side of the road there were cops and emergency vehicles appearing from everywhere.


I walked over to an embankment by the bridge to see what the commotion was about. I saw a man on his back by the creek. He was conscious, moving his legs and in great pain. I watched from the hillside for about ten minutes but my inner voice kept saying “Look over the bridge.” So I walked up to exactly where the man must have jumped and looked over. He was laying on his back 30 feet below surrounded by rescue workers but looked me right in the eye. I had on a loud, orange head wrap and knew he could see me so I decided to remain there, hanging over the edge smiling at him so he would have something other than the pain to focus on. 


In that never-ending twenty-minutes or so that they worked to get a line in him and a back board under him I smiled for him but the lesson was for me. This is how serious it can get when we get overwhelmed and crave attention or nurturing. I had actually made a comment the day before that I have to have a tragedy to get a day off. And here I was crippled and witnessing this real tragic mess.


So I asked my friend Patrick to take on my load for the day, in spite of the fact his brother died this week and he is equally overwhelmed. I got the attention I needed so my injury didn’t put me in the hospital. I told myself all day that I would wake up fine today. I just needed a break and didn’t know how to just allow myself a day off – so I got injured. I know better now. And with no medication – just a little TLC from a friend and changing my mental conversation with myself, my back is healed today. Years back the same injury would have had me down for at least a month.


I pulled out of the grave 18 years ago by admitting that I had caused my ill health with my psycho-spiritual baggage and the comfort-consumption I used to run away from it. I am now healing other aspects of my life by owning every second of it. You can’t fix what you don’t own! Love yourself. Your life literally depends on it!


A video health discussion for Yolanda Foster. Having “Been there, Survived That” I want to share my healthful living tips with celebrities and lay people alike.

A video post card for Yolanda Foster

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