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Brides of Eden photo shoot

The Brides of Eden are working to generate funds, to gift greenhouse Eden dome/gardens to the food banks, and to educate our population on how to create nonviolent marriages and recreate Eden with our marriage to Mother Earth..


We are ready to throw the coolest dress-up parties in the history of little girl’s dreams! For a  fee, in the comfort of the new Brides of Eden Plantation we are working to purchase, under a dome in the garden, or in a hotel suite our guests will be treated to healthy snacks, a makeup artist, a photographer and a collection of wedding gowns to play Princess in, with a few over-the-top couture stunners as the, “Icing on the Wedding Cake!”

Garden Party

During the three hour dress-up party our ladies will have the opportunity to meet the Brides of Eden, members of our nonprofit, Voices Set Free, sharing about rebuilding their lives after domestic violence. There will be oodles of fun, girlie accessories to buy, vanity photos/videos, make-up, as well as health related products, to look our most beautiful every day.

Eden dome

With the profits we generate we will gift Pacific Domes, greenhouse Eden domes to food banks around the country, in which to grow SuPRANAtural foods. The Brides of Eden will also provide soil, seeds, plants, and dollars. Food banks have a volunteer workforce, a distribution system and a need, and put our Brides of Eden to work speaking nationally about domestic violence prevention.

Ask about our “Adopt a Bride program.

This family needs a hand up right now.

Adopt a Bride and her children

Contact Denise Martin:


Now with the new Lohan Law where you can pick your own rehab no matter what the judge says, the Celebrity Sugar Detox Center is ripe for BRAVO.

A video health tip for Yolanda Foster.

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