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This weekend my son and I saw Fast and Furious 6 and Ironman 3 3D. Between these two box office biggies a bazillion dollars was spent blowing stuff up or getting computers to make it look like stuff blew up. Truly, truck loads of money was $pent!

My dream is to spend $25 million (Which is nothing in Hollywood speak) to transform a magnificent mansion in the Hollywood Hills and the Eagle’s perch it sits on  over-looking Los Angeles.

My house

This plot of desert can become  A Live, teething, breathing, other-dimensional portal, where celebrities struggling with any form of modern living,  from addiction, to depression to degenerative disease can experience how to plug their body back into our battery – the Earth, with viewers along for their SuPRANAtural journey. Sounds hippy dippy? Who cares. There is cutting off your breasts and there is rejuvenating the body by Eating Our Way to Heaven the way I did. There is Go(l)d in them there vegetables!

On Celebrity Sugar Detox while The Real Housewives are bitch-slapping through their emotions – healing and rejuvenation will be happening instead of bitterness and more alcohol. Our population is obese and sick. Alternative medicine is creeping into the main stream. Would you watch this show? Wouldn’t it be refreshing after a national discussion about cutting off body parts to thwart cancer? Please help me tell BRAVO to consider it by liking the video or commenting!

Alive From Eden

Celebrity Sugar Detox (with The Beverly Hillbillies)

A Star-studded Trek back to Eden

Created by Denise Martin

Think Celebrity Detox with Dr. Drew except the doctor is a Latin Naturopath,  staff is a family of Earthy, lovable, Clampett-types who transform a Hollywood Hills property into the Garden of Eden and assist their VIP guest with a whole-life detox (Yup – no junk food!)

The main characters are Denise Martin who saved her life, came out of menopause, had an other-dimensional experience and birthed her first child at age 47. Denise and pal Patrick McEachern, the Sacred Energy Garden guru who helped her save her life, co-founded the first Sugar Detox Center in the country which the show is fashioned after. Her miracle son Ezekiel 9, had a modeling contract at 6, has done television and a short film, tested off the charts as a gifted child, and knows how to have fun! Dr. Rosas rounds out the regular cast with his handsome good looks, big smile and delightful Latin accent.

Each episode will include segments of:

  • The transformation of the property and the gardens as our Clampetts turn this desert property into the Garden of Eden
  • Counseling sessions with our celeb and Dr. Rosas (Or Denise and Patrick who counsel from their “Been there, Nearly died doing that” perspective) poolside, in the garden or on the trampoline
  • A “Fun” segment of Laser Tag, marathon Monopoly or a Treasure Hunt with Ezekiel
  • And video diaries from each of the major characters.

If Faith Creates (We are certain it does!) then our celebrity will have a supernatural experience in the garden that rocks their world that they can share with our viewers!

Our intended audience is those who are already fascinated with reality TV celebrities – e$pecially the rich one$, and those who are desperately searching for health information. Ideally BRAVO would be the perfect network for this show as we dream of interacting with many of their Reality TV stars.

Celebrity Sugar Detox can compete with formulas Reality TV shows in Prime time – on cable or network television. A one-hour format would be ideal for peeking into our celebrities’ lives, throwing celebrity events, and sharing pertinent alternative health info each show.

13 episodes a season would be perfect. As this is a healing center first, we don’t want to unduly stress our guests and harm their healing process. Over the course of the season our viewers will watch a collection of resident celebrities transform their lives with Conscious Consumption and consciously facing their personal “Demons” – no magic pills here but magic will happen!

A variety of one-day events like Pregnant Celebrity Day or How to Heal Your Hangover Day will attract celebrities from a number of genres from TV to rock stars to Hollywood execs. The aim is to create a 5 Star celebrity healing center that revolves around the Garden of Eden that we will build over-looking all of LA and do it all on air – the Transformation of the property and the people who interact with it.

The conflict comes from real people – whether rich or poor – facing their deepest traumas and pain as they swap modern addictions for clarity, health and a supernatural ride with cameras rolling. Our first Sugar Detox Center had 911 on the speed dial. Celebrities are no less dramatic in their addictions and dis-ease! Imagine Lindsey or Amanda recovering in a plush natural setting in the bosom of a family that revolves around them 24-7? Friends and family and lovers are encouraged to move in or visit the property often. It is about changing the way you live and consume – not just beating our list of symptoms!

We have found a celebrity-worthy mansion in the Hollywood hills that perfectly matches the round landscaping of our Sacred Energy Gardens and the state-of-the-art greenhouse domes we plan to park on the property (And sell internationally). Viewers love to be voyeurs in rich people’s lives. This will be even more fun with The Clampetts and an A List celebrity sharing a home and a life for 30 days.

In our perfect world Yolanda Foster and her amazing husband and family would host the show, participate in the Eating My Way to Heaven life and allow us to transform their property and their lives as well while sharing the experience with viewers. I want to share with Yolanda and her family the Garden of Eden experience that I had, that saved my life and allowed me to step into another dimension where wholeness and unconditional love is possible. And as for Hollywood – the special effects it would take to illustrate what happened to me in Heaven on Earth are blockbuster worthy!

EMWTH banner

Yolanda, Andy, why haven’t I heard from you?

Generic Treatment video:

Beverly Hillbillies Giggle Reel:

Got Eden Remix:


An invitation to Yolanda Foster …

Hey Oprah remember me?

It’s been 15 years since I hitchhiked to Chicago to talk to Oprah about food and God. I can’t speak for Oprah, but the rest of the world is coming around to Conscious Consumption. Not only is the food in the Garden of Eden life-giving, the Garden is a portal to other dimensions and unconditional love.

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