Six years after fighting an epic custody battle against a narcissist, I am watching Donald Trump implode in exactly the same way as my nemesis did in court. (Liar Liar Christians on Fire on Youtube It is the nature of narcissism that the more scrutiny and light you shine on the endless pack of lies they spew – the more they start to unravel.

Trump has single-handedly  exposed, humiliated and divided the status quo of the Republican Party. He is barking the truth about Hillary Clinton and the criminality she has been deeply involved in, and he has opened a critical discussion about mental illness in this country. Gotta love him!

With his new “Let Trump be Trump” campaign management team we should really get a stunning look at a narcissist melting down publicly, as I did in my custody trial. Why? Because the truth comes out eventually in a world where everything is recorded and digitised.

Bravado and threats can only take Trump so far and then he will get, “Palined” – what happens when you stand in front of the camera long enough, spewing bullshit, for people to recognize you haven’t got a frigging clue what you are babbling about! Trump is right on the threshold of that moment when even his staunches supporters say, “He said what? OMG!”

Don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT want Hillary as President. We’ll need to pull a miracle to stop that. But I must express my gratitude to Trump for publicly demonstrating how impossible it is to deal with a narcissist. The judge in my custody case didn’t believe me until the narcissist turned on him. Sadly, for the Republicans, there “Ah Ha” moment came too late to save them from themselves. Woohoo!

We are fighting for the custody and safety of our country as sure as I was fighting for the custody and safety of my son. We must keep looking for ways to keep both these candidates out of office. We will never have the luxury of saying we didn’t see it coming when they devastate the planet with their selfish agendas!