The discussion about Donald Trump is escalating as emotions and violence continue to erupt around his campaign. I have been in the eye of the storm on Twitter while circulating my in-your-face YouTube video, “Ask your doctor is Donald Trump is right for you.”

The rage and behaviors we have been witnessing from Trump are being mirrored by his followers – name-calling, threats, and blanket denials. I feel like I am in a roll-in-the-dirt, hair-pulling fest a la grade school.

I published the MAYO clinic’s definition of narcissism with pictures of Trump and Hitler inserted in the text. It reads like a Curriculum Vitae for Donald Trump. He has 100% of the characteristics they describe as a personality disorder known as Narcissism.

Forget that Trump is inciting our already angry nation into violent infighting, forget that he is embarrassing us internationally, forget that he is a racist who demeans women. Can we afford to have a person with a narcissistic personality disorder as our Commander-in-Chief – the person responsible for making the HUGE friggin decisions with our nuclear weapons? NO!


If you enlist in the military with a known mental illness without declaring it you can be charged with Fraudulent Enlistment – a Federal felony with a maximum penalty of two years in prison, a Dishonorable Discharge and a possible $10,000.00 fine.

I assume we put so much weight on keeping mental illness out of the military because most soldiers have weapons and must perform under high stress, and make life-threatening decisions. Then wouldn’t it stand to reason that we don’t want a Commander in Chief who displays the clear symptoms of a mental illness while running for office? Who do we call?