RefugeesOur country is said to be 75% Christian, and yet 30 of our governors, who supposedly represent their constituents, are campaigning to ensure that we turn our backs on those in critical need – fleeing the most extreme abuse. How do Christians rectify the above political cartoon (not funny) with their faith? What would Jesus tell our world leaders to do?

Religion and morality aside, accepting Syrian refugees is actually a great way to troll for terrorists. Left to their own devices they have become really creative at penetrating the countries they wish to terrorize. And apparently we aren’t tracking them well enough with the intelligence mechanisms we currently have. But when they roll into our country as refugees, they are under constant surveillance and scrutiny as we control their entry into our communities. We can investigate them til the cows come home and we have them under a microscope.

Case in point… would you rather have a deadly rattle snake in a secure container in your home or know that it is lurking around free in your yard and may find a  way to get into your house while your are sleeping or attack you when you leave? Which is the bigger threat?

Additionally, by reaching out to Syrian refugees we are building relationships with those who may have critical intelligence to share, we are not allienating another group of desparate people that might take us out if they decide to end their miserable lives, and our karma is cleaner. You can’t turn away waves of desparate people and not suffer the moral debt that comes with that Christless decision.

As for the argument that we don’t even take care of our own homeless and hungry citizens – YES! – isn’t that disgusting? They are among us and we are too complacent to reach out to them. But when we start bursting at the seems with Syrian refugees with the same urgent survival needs then we will be forced to Wake-the-Hell up and smell the urine on the sidewalks.

I fled domestic violence with a baby in my arms and felt exactly like a Syrian refugee or Haitian on a boat nearing Miami must feel. There is no going back and apparently nobody willing to help you go forward. Walk one yard in their shoes and think about trying to steer your children to safety after an attack like 911 or Paris or worse and all the while you are being treated like a criminal because your attckers are of the same skin and nationality that you are. Again, what would Jesus ask our world leaders and our governors to do?