Sadly, the Brides of Eden have had to cancel our upcoming Dress Up For Hunger Fundraisers for lack of funds. Yes it costs money – lots of it sometimes – to throw a fundraiser. We are selling off a bit of our cool couture inventory to absorb the loss. So if you need an off-the-hook wedding gown or bridal accessory – contact us at

The good news is that we are returning to our original focus which is to launch our own Reality TV show. To describe our shows format we say – Orange is the New Black meets Say Yes to the Dress. Our domestic violence survivors will be sharing their heart-wrenching stories as we play Dress Up and boost our self-esteem with amazing couture gowns. The gorgeous gowns will help make the overwhelm and horror of these real-life stories more palatable. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.