15.8 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.

The Brides of Eden are working to address that gruesome statistic by providing greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks where these desperate families turn for help! Our domes will allow them to grow and distribute life-giving Eden-based foods to those children and families needing nutritious foods. You can support us by attending one of our parties, by making a donation, or joining our crowdfunding program. Just liking our social media pages or forwarding an email can serve us greatly. Thank you!
So much great news. We are ready to rock the new year. We have six Dress-up Party Fundraisers happening in the next 60 days. Grab your tickets now before they are gone!
We had a killer photo shoot recently at Pioneer Place Shopping Center and the Portland Louis Vuitton store. Our photographer Mike Lindberg is a dream maker. He will be capturing the precious moments at our Dress-Up parties. And God Bless the management at Pioneer Place for making it snow for us!

We are preparing to hit up the Louis Vuitton Corporation for a sizable sponsorship. Hold the vision for us. We are also trolling for local sponsors starting today.

Brides of Eden dome for LV
This is just a mock-up of what we hope to do with Louis Vuitton. We have NO relationship with the company as yet.
​If that isn’t fun enough – we have a glow-in-the-dark gown.
It floats too.
You’ll have to come to a party to see that!
The Brides of Eden are also raising funds through a very unique, community-driven, Pay-It-Forward  crowdfunding program, where each project works to help fund the others. Check it out and jump in. Your cause is important too.
OK – It’s time to grab your tickets for our January Dress-up Party Fundraisers. There are four party times to choose from and four donation levels to consider. Whether you can only afford a $5 love offering or you can easily do a $1000 love offering, you will be treated to a day of playing Princess that you will never forget. Or snag a ticket for a friend that needs an empowerment day! Just Do It!