I was blessed to attend the Couture Wedding Gown Show at Portland Fashion Week in Pioneer Square on Wednesday. What an incredible event – beautifully run and chalk full of great artistic clothing, incredible music, beautiful people and smart marketing. What fun I had uploading photos to social media as the Phototag booth pumped them out ,and beautiful, smiling professionals sprinted them to my chair.


Unlike our fated wedding dress flash dance event I was totally welcome at Pioneer Square and the crowd loved our signature gown. A top couture designer asked for photos with the dress, several gorgeous models said yes to joining us, a make-up artist from the Aveda Institute and more. We have found a home in the fashion industry. Three different designers that evening spoke of their love of nature and gardening and honoring the Earth with their garments. The Brides of Eden and our beautiful gardens fit right in.

Saturday, October 4th I will be wearing the gown at the Convention Center for the Bridal Expo, seeking donations for signatures. The Brides of Eden are moving and need to raise more money for the food bank we are gifting our first dome to. They need soil and seeds and blocks and tools. We need a home, more inventory and supplies and marketing dollars.IMG_20140929_151246_080

On a personal note… My skin cancer is almost gone. The giant bump is gone and the rest of my face is nearly symptom free. I will post another cancer vlog later today. Thanks for everyone’s loving support. The Garden of Eden is restoring my health.