Happy Birthday Bill Clinton and congratulations Ellen and Portia!

I just uploaded this letter to Ellen. Please like and share if you want to see the Brides of Eden on national television.

Damn Ellen – My nonprofit has done everything in our power to get your attention or Jimmy Fallon’s for our beautiful, fun and critically needed mission – to gift Eden-based greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks and impact domestic violence and poverty from the dirt up.
Now I have neoned my fountain trashed gown and am letting people sign it with a sharpie for a donation to pay for a Eden-based dome/garden for the food bank that saved my life when I fled to the streets with a baby. It is a tax deductible expense.
Your signature would be awesome. How much can we put you down for?
Trash 2
All our love and congratulations from the Brides of Eden. We wish you and Portia lasting, peaceful love and abundance!
Garden Party
Faith Creates!...denise