This morning I posted the comment below on Radar Online about Kim Kardashian and then sat back and thought about weddings, dresses and the Brides of Eden.

“Marriage was on death row as an institution before Kim Kardashian turned it into a business plan. Celebrity weddings (Kim is a celebrity even if she isn’t a legitimate star) are illuminating how far off we are as a culture in relationships and with money. According to Feeding America, 49 million people in this country were living in a household in 2012 that could not put enough food on the table, yet we have watched Kim Kardashian get married twice in two $10 million dollar plus weddings. I am embarrassed to be an American! Please stay in Paris or Florence or wherever you are Kim and spare us another year of being red-faced while viewing your ample ass every time we open a magazine or turn on the TV. PLEASE!”


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Now lots of people seem to feel the way I do about Kim, as over 200 other people had left vicious comments under the same article about Beyonce’ calling Kim a fame seeking whore before I arrived there, shortly after the article hit my email box. Why do we love to hate Kim? Because she is beautiful? Because she is rich? Because going to work for her is wiggling into a bikini and turning her ass towards the camera? Probably all of the above. For me personally, it is way bigger than that.

I am pissed. No, make that enraged, that Kim Kardashian gets a stadium engagement, a wedding a year, whirls around the world in jets picking out multi-million dollar wedding dresses and every dime and every manic paparazzi is there for this narcissistic socialite! Mean while, I am breaking my back, my bank and my bicycle to launch the Brides of Eden to put all that rich chic money to work to feed the poor and I can’t get a camera to point my way to save my soul, unless you count selfies! Come on!

One celebrity dress would totally rock our world. We have Randy Fenoli ready to do a powerful launch with us but we can’t afford him yet. We have some beautiful donated gowns, but need many more. We need advertising dollars and a venue. What we have is a Titanic size boatload of enthusiasm from everyone that hears about our plan – but unless me can get the media to point our way, or a big private donor, we are going to perish in our effort to gift greenhouse Eden dome gardens to the food banks and help those 49,000,000 people who need nutrient dense food.


This is a 16′ Eden Dome Garden for a family.

The dome comes from Pacific Domes our sister company in this venture.

The garden was built by SuPRANAtural foods expert Patrick McEachern. It was just planted so stay tuned to see these SuPRANAural foods jump out of this Eden-inspired soil!

The domes we gift to the food banks will be 30′ or bigger.


Help us out please. Tell the media that we are tired of narcissistic celebrity bridezillas being the role models for young girls, and that we want to hear more about great things happening in our communities and by our nonprofits. Like Kim, the Brides of Eden will sell products and turn advertising dollars too. Just help us get there. We even have a big shot international perfume guy promising us our own Earth-friendly perfume.

Imagine if Kim Kardashian donated anyone of her wedding dresses to the Brides of Eden? How many millions could we make playing dress-up with that one dress? Imagine if Beyonce agreed to come to one of our dress-up parties and shimmy into a few gowns with us, or purchase some jewelry from our Brides of Eden vendors or try the Eden-based green make-up we are promoting? Dress-up for Domes!

Brides logo


Please write to one or all of the media contacts listed below and ask them to do a story on the Brides of Eden, Voices Set Free and Pacific Domes – a trio of women-owned businesses and a nonprofit, working to bring sustainable agriculture to our food banks and nonviolence to marriages. I have written a sample letter that you can copy and paste into an email body. This simple act will make a difference for us. Thank you!

“I am writing to you to ask you to consider doing a story on the Brides of Eden. From what I understand it is a very worth while project and they could use any media exposure.

The Brides of Eden are planning intimate high-dollar wedding dress-up parties for wealthy women – playing Princess for a few hours with a collection of wedding gowns, bridal accessories, Earth-friendly makeup, a fashion photographer, organic champagne and health snacks. The money they raise from the parties will be used to gift greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks and help create peaceful marriages.

I understand that the Brides of Eden are domestic violence survivors working to change violence in marriage, and the system that supports it. Rich women, poor women, peace, healing, wedding dresses and dome gardens. There is a story there for sure!

You can reach Denise Martin of the Brides of Eden at 971 212-9796”

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