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Below you will read about the Brides of Eden, our mission to get Eden-based foods to the food banks and to create loving non-violent marriages, while working with families who have already been blown apart by domestic violence.  And we are going to do it in an uber-fun, “Get Your Girlie On” way.  So here is our wish list upfront:

  1. Wedding gowns: All shapes, sizes and price tag styles.
  2. A truck for hauling approximately 100 gowns around the country for our parties.
  3. A place to store the gowns and work on them in Portland, Oregon.
  4. Cash to spend on printing, media and booking events.
  5. Bridal accessories like veils, boleros, tiaras, petticoats and more.

We can offer a tax deduction for any donation or consider venture capital partnerships. We are leaving our financial choices open. This project’s time has come and it is also perfectly suited to join the Reality TV line-up of wedding dress shows that can’t seem to satisfy an insatiable audience. Won’t you join us in some way?

Contact Denise Martin:

971 212-9796



The Brides of Eden

No doubt you have heard of Tupperware parties or lingerie parties. The Brides of Eden are going to throw the coolest dress-up parties in the history of little girl’s dreams! Women of all ages and shapes will vie to be invited.

For a fee, women from all walks of life will come together to play dress-up for a very worthy cause. They will be treated to champagne, healthy snacks, a make-up artist, a photographer and a collection of wedding gowns to play Princess in, with a few over-the-top stunners as the, “Icing on the Wedding Cake!

My Pnina 15793

During the three hour dress-up party the ladies will have the opportunity to meet our Brides of Eden, members of our nonprofit, Voices Set Free who will be hosting in wedding gowns and speaking briefly about rebuilding their lives after domestic violence.


Brides of Eden creator, Denise Martin will be there in her signature gown (Purchased from the Veteran’s Thrift Store in Portland, Oregon) to explain the need for dropping greenhouse dome gardens instead of bombs around the world.

Veteran's thrift store

Thirty minutes of life-changing information, new friendships and causes to interact with and 2 ½ hours to play princess and get your “Little Girl On,” have your make-up done, pick a dress, find a veil, take pictures, tip a glass, touch every single gown and pray they have a Pnina you can wiggle into so you can say you wore one!

There will be oodles of fun, girlie accessories to buy, vanity photos/videos, as well as health related products for sale to look your most beautiful every day and educational books and tapes to prevent future brides from stumbling blindly into domestic violence.

We will also have bedazzling stations where we can transform a used gown into a new one or hand paint one into a red carpet stunner. Our imaginations are unlimited. And no doubt a few gowns will get sold at these events.

Denise speaks publicly for Eating My Way to Heaven about healthy consumption and returning to Eden. Her sisters at Voices Set Free speak on domestic violence and empowerment. They will all be making public appearances together and separately, in wedding gowns, empowering women and making a difference for families that are still in the domestic violence ditch.

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 “I am 57 years-old and have never married, although I have a beautiful 10 year-old son. I don’t dream of marrying but I want to wear a beautiful wedding dress. I survived incest, bulimia, life-busting illness and spent 6 years in poverty winning my son’s freedom from abuse. I deserve to be “Princess for a Day,” as much as any blushing bride.

20 years ago I was hired by the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation (Sadly I hear they had issues and have since been dissolved) to unload a semi stuffed with 5000 donated wedding gowns for one of their charity bridal sales. I was homeless at the time, so I spent the night in the church reception hall where we unloaded the gowns. I stayed up all night turning the stark room into a bridal salon, artistically displaying gowns and accessories everywhere and making darling dressing nooks. I also found a few hours to try on dozens of gowns and play princess. For a homeless woman it was heaven in so many ways.

The managers of the event were so blown away by what I had done that they gifted me with the magnificent pink, tulle ball gown I couldn’t live without. That gown rode in a garment bag in the back of the Toyota pick-up that I lived in for months. It was my symbol of “Dreams Come True,” I am going to make it out of this ditch!

A few years later a partner gave me $25,000 to take my book, “Eating My Way to Heaven,” to the largest book fair in the country in Chicago. I had a beautiful billboard, big booth, sales team, hot musician and organic raw foods. I wore that tulle ball gown and waltzed myself around that venue with an ear to ear grin for three solid days. At the end of the weekend the head organizer noted that all 30,000 people that weekend had certainly known I was there. The dress caught everyone’s eye, as did my obvious delight in wearing it.

 It was not the end of my struggles or financial woes by any means, but it was a magical turning point in my life that was super-charged by a wedding dress.

Fast forward to 2014.  At 57 I am about to realize my life’s dreams and reinvent myself.

After years of being the earthy, broke, spiritual, organic, Sugar Police – muddy out in the garden or sitting in my robe doing a call-in interview, I have found myself obsessed with beautiful wedding dresses the past few months. I no longer need to be the “Broke Gandhi-type” for the mission of helping our sick and addicted population get back to Eden. It got me thinking…

Most women get married at least once and no matter what the budget they get to be Queen for a Day. But there are many like me who don’t ever get that day. Either way it is a part of one day in the course of a lifetime.

 I am sure I am not alone in my belief that most women would love to have more time and opportunities to interact with beautiful wedding gowns without a lifetime commitment coming with it. My plan will give women that opportunity, raise awareness about Eden-based foods, while bankrolling greenhouse-dome gardens (From our sister Asha at Pacific Domes) for food banks, and put domestic violence survivors to work telling their stories (While wearing beautiful wedding gowns) and forwarding change.

Dome Entrance 6-1-07
With the profits we will gift greenhouse dome-gardens and soil, seeds, plants, and dollars for management to food banks that already have a volunteer work force, a system and a need. Most people who turn to food banks are living on the sugar and flour they are given – totally devoid of nutriments. The poor can’t rise up when they are physically ill from malnutrition.

This program of finding the right food banks to receive and working the process of getting them these 30′ circles of life will also generate jobs for other women working with Voices Set Free. It’s a win win win and a girl’s Dream Come True!