Chia ducksThere have been a plethora of humorous and insightful articles about the Duck Dynasty debacle in recent weeks. Let’s face it… the situation is a monologue writer’s dream. I have read several Fox articles talking about the politics of the $$$ and whining that those with conservative values are being discriminated against in Reality TV land. All entertaining articles, all including some truths.
What I am most interested in though, is what the moderate and Liberal Christians have to say about all this? Since when is the face of Christianity about spreading hate? Doesn’t whoring your family to sell wine or Chia Pets qualify as the kind of greed that Jesus went postal about? How do those with Phil’s Christian values interact with gay people in the work place? Matt Jacobi comes to mind – Marki Costello’s flaming gay staffer on the new Reality TV show on the block – The Drama Queen. Are there any Christians working in that office? Do they bash him in the name of Jesus? Do all Christians feel the way Phil Robertson does? If they don’t, where is their outrage?

This is the battle of the extremes. I am way out on the “We create our own reality bend – stop blaming everything on God or expecting HIM to fix it.” My son’s baby daddy is a fundamentalist Christian who says all gays and people like me are evil (Until he needs to make a sale to one). But we extremists are a small percentage of the population. Where are the mainstream, “Honk if you love Jesus” folks and what do they think of Phil Robertson? That’s where the real religious war lies. but the silence has been deafening.