This morning I was asked to be on the Samantha Ettus show for the third time. I chose the topic for this self-proclaimed Lifestyle and Mommying Guru to advise me on – how to help my son fit into society when he is allergic to processed junk foods and lives an organic life? Samantha’s advice was delivered with smog judgement and sadly reflective of the cultural attitude that has created a pandemic of obesity and disease.

Samantha claims she feeds her children organic foods but indicated that I was abusing my 9 year-old son by not letting him eat all the toxic junk other kids are living on. She stated that me asking the school not to serve him sugar, dairy and wheat which he is allergic too is akin to sending him to school in only white clothes every day and that I was denying him a “Normal” life.


You’re damn right Samantha. “Normal” in this country is for a 9 year-old to be overweight, pre-diabetic if they aren’t fully diabetic, developing acne already and totally emotionally addicted to junk foods. And 1 in 5 children in this country don’t have enough to eat yet I am a bad mother for spending my meager food dollars on whole grains instead of Oreos.

Samantha claims she believes in organic foods for her children but the schools will never change. Not with parents like her rolling over for Monsanto and sitting at home doing nothing. Stop coaching people into toxic living Samantha. Stand up for healthy, organic foods and take the heat like my son and I are!