The Brides of Eden can put your greatest treasure to work at our wedding gown dress-up parties to support domestic violence education and whole foods for our food banks. You get a tax deduction for the retail cost of your dress. It’s a win win. Donate here: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/wan/4425952712.html

The Brides of Eden on Indiegogo.


The Brides of Eden are now live on Indiegogo. This  project is poised to cross the economic divide and bring women together for fun and service. Our profits will gift greenhouse domes to food banks and educate future brides to avoid abusive marriages. Please view, contribute if you can or share. Our deepest thanks!


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Wedding dresses are the Rolls Royce of fashion and few women get to try on more than a handful of wedding gowns in a lifetime, some never get that experience. For a Rolls Royce  fee we are going to throw wedding gown dress-up parties for the rich and famous, or just plain rich and dying to play with some wedding gowns. At our intimate bridal- themed parties a group of ten women will get their make-up done, tip a glass of champagne, try on wedding dresses, have some fashion photography taken while spending a few hours with the Brides of Eden who have all survived domestic violence and have some rich stories and sage advice to share, while slipping into a few gowns and veils and hitting the Eden snack table themselves.

I feel giddy as a school girl as I plan our first Brides of Eden dress-up party. Having down-home sparkles and high-heels, wedding dresses and veils, girlie-kinda-fun, while getting women of all demographics together to provide greenhouse domes for our food banks and domestic violence education for would-be young brides makes my heart sing.

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A weekend of dress-up parties in the Governor’s Suite at the Montage in Los Angeles and the Brides of Eden will forever change at least 50 women’s lives and raise enough money to donate dome gardens to 3 food banks right out of the shoot. Those dollars will also pay our Brides of Eden’s salaries, some of whom have never totally recovered financially from the devastation that domestic violence brought to their lives, and allow them to speak publicly to prevent abusive relationships for current and future brides.

But mostly we are gonna have a girlie good time playing dress-up. Who’s in? We are currently booking parties for the weekend of June 14, 15 and 16 in Los Angeles. For further details contact Denise @ eating2heaven@gmail.com


There isn’t a single profound thing I could add to this. Killer – literally!


This comment was in response to the Hollywood Life story about Ke$ha’s courageous fight against her “Eating Disorder.”

I don’t see how she will be successful beating her “Eating Disorder” when she obviously can’t even say the words and the press is tongue tied. As the author Of Eating My Way to Heaven, a survivor of 16 years of bulimia and the co-founder of the first Sugar Detox Center in the country – I have a right to an opinion.

She is either anorexic or bulimic or obese – the big three eating disorders enslaving our population. We know she isn’t obese. We weren’t horrified with headlines of her wasting away. So my guess is she is suffering from bulimia. What I discovered (I dappled in anorexia during my years of bulimia) is that anorexia is all about being in control and bulimia is about being totally out of control.
If she’s not in an organic, whole-foods, nutrient-dense, do your emotional work without the comfort food environment then she will fail, or just shift to another drug or dysfunction. There are $1000 a day eating disorder clinics trying to force-feed patients candy bars to get them over their issues with food. BULL SHIT!

The whole population is suffering from an eating disorder and the majority of those are participating in the pandemic of food-assisted suicide. The first step to beating any addiction is admitting you have one. Nobody can talk about this one because it is too close to EVERYBODY’S home.

It is time to Get Real about our cultural eating disorder. That is why I am passionate about bringing Celebrity Sugar Detox to Hollywood. I want to share what I learn on my ascension out of bulimia with everybody! Here’s to a Happy, Health 2014. May you Eat to Live and Live in Love and Abundance! 


I invite you to be part of something BIG in entertainment and drive the movement to prevent texting and driving accidents and deaths. You’ll find the life-giving details here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/37429-txt-me


PS – The answer is Yes, Texting and Driving now kills more people than drunk drivers!


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