Happy Birthday Bill Clinton and congratulations Ellen and Portia!

I just uploaded this letter to Ellen. Please like and share if you want to see the Brides of Eden on national television.

Damn Ellen – My nonprofit has done everything in our power to get your attention or Jimmy Fallon’s for our beautiful, fun and critically needed mission – to gift Eden-based greenhouse dome gardens to the food banks and impact domestic violence and poverty from the dirt up.
Now I have neoned my fountain trashed gown and am letting people sign it with a sharpie for a donation to pay for a Eden-based dome/garden for the food bank that saved my life when I fled to the streets with a baby. It is a tax deductible expense.
Your signature would be awesome. How much can we put you down for?
Trash 2
All our love and congratulations from the Brides of Eden. We wish you and Portia lasting, peaceful love and abundance!
Garden Party
Faith Creates!...denise

To the group of disabled children that came to Pioneer Square on August 7th  to see the WEDDING DRESS FLASH DANCE and take a photo with the Brides of Eden – PLEASE call me, Denise Martin at 971 212-9796. I had to abort the Flash Dance at the last minute because the City of Portland was threatening to have us arrested for wanting to dance in wedding gowns at their free concert titled “Dresses”. What a shame. Wait till you see what we did instead. Story coming…

Here’s what I would like to do. I would like to bring the gowns to the children and do a dress up party photo shoot with them. Where will I find them? I was sick when I heard they were broken hearted. Call me! So sorry I missed you!.We will find you!

Marketing for the Brides of Eden WEDDING DRESS FLASH DANCE party for August 7th is off-the-hook so far. This is going to be epic! Please join us. Comment on Facebook  at Brides of Eden https://www.facebook.com/BridesofEden or email me at eating2heaven@gmail.com to confirm you will happily join us.

We are shooting to compete with this famous Youtube video  to pump our national campaign to gift greenhouse dome/gardens to the food banks.

The meaning of the gowns is to vow our love and respect to the Mother Earth and ALL its inhabitants, and attract attention for our charitable mission. Here are the details again.

Thursday, Aug. 7th we will meet at 11 am at the Gateway Transit Center on 99th, or the Beaverton Transit station on Lombard at the 11 am, sharp.

At 11:18 all participants at Gateway will board the blue line train heading to city center and arriving at Pioneer Square at 11:45am.

At 11:24am all the wedding gown participants will board the red line train slated to arrive in Pioneer Square at 11:45.

When the max doors open at 11:45 and 11:46 hundreds of brides will detrain on both sides of Pioneer Square, dancing to our theme song – Breaking Bad Habits, Planting New Seeds. Once our flash dance is over you can leave, or enjoy the Noon Tunes concert by Kink101 titled, “Dresses”.

If you don’t have a gown – try Goodwill, Craig’s List, or find a really affordable one at Brides for a Cause http://bridesforacause.com/ If you truly can’t afford one please contact Denise at eating2heaven@gmail.com. We will lend out all of ours.

After the event we would really appreciate it if you would donate your gown to the Brides of Eden to help us recoup the expenses for this event and continue raising money for the food banks. A 501 C3 tax deduction is available for the price of any gown donated. We will prepared to receive after the event if you want to bring a change of clothes and hand off your gown.

Cash donations are also very appreciated. We are working with some domestic violence families on the street that need immediate help as well.

Please join us. It will be a real hoot! And while I have your attention, please like our Jimmy Fallon sizzle reel. We are hunting national attention to fill the coffers for our cause. Thanks!

Yo Jimmy Fallon….

The Brides of Eden have a “Little” something for Ellen Degeneres. Take a peek…


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